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Black apple keyboard

My modded apple aluminium keyboard before it's deserved retirement.
WASD design by neverscared.

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Open source updates

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EG-E-LSD-O.RF live recording

Download MP3

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Space invader live wallpaper for android


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Sperrplan Record 3, unbenannt


Sperrplan Record 5, unbenannt.
13 tracks by kilmou, tong and delysid / Artwork by kilmou


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Sperrplan Record 5, holistic devices

spp23.5.1.png spp23.5.2.png

Sperrplan Record 5, holistic devices.
15 noises recorded by tong at E54, 2006-2009 / Artwork by tong and kilmou.


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Raumgebrauch mix

Breakcore mix by tong, ~2008

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Ex, movie premiere


Premiere of ex, a short movie by fritz aigner about love and death will take place on 30 of may in graz/austria at the royal-kiz cinema.
Get your tickets!

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HXMPP 0.4.10 released

HXMPP 0.4.10 got released on haxelib today!
This release does not add much of functionality but ensures compatibility with haxe 2.09.

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Hello haXe/java!

The java and c# compiler targets are already available in haXe's svn repository! Amazing!
Follow the instructions here to build haXe from source.

A small guide of how to create a hello world application using haXe/java and eclipse:

  • Right click in Package Explorer -> New -> Java project
  • Name the project as you want and click 'Finish'
  • Create main haXe class 'Hello.hx'
    class HelloJava {
        static function main() {
            trace("Hello world!");
  • To generate java source files into the 'src' directory run following command:
    haxe -java . HelloJava.hx
  • Right click the java project in the Package Explorer -> Run As -> Java Application
    Which prints:
    App.hx:3: Hello world!

Since i've done some android programming lately i am f* happy about the java target.
Java coding is ok, it simply works, but compared to haXe it feels very strict and like a oop disaster.
HaXe gives me much more freedom to express my ideas.

Also the possibility to run some of my haXe projects on google app engine is awesome!

1000x thanks to Cauê Waneck for developing this!

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Cyberchrist blog engine

This blog is now powered by cyberchrist, a small tool i've written (haXe/neko) to generate static html sites from template files.
The syntax is a (messy) mix up of haxe.Template and a fork of the wiki parser hxwiki is using.
The generated output does not use any serverside technologies, therefore can get hosted by providers which only allow static content like github-pages.
I've coded this because the wordpress installation felt so inflated for my lazy blogger ass.
First i've tried jekyll, but waiting seconds for generating some text files is ridiculous! ;-) I knew ruby is slow but fuuuk!
Currently it takes about 120ms to generate all content of this blog and i guess just a fraction of this if i compile the engine to C++. Source code will get published soon (or later, or never).

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Sperrplan record 4 on soundcloud


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Panzerschokolade 5

Panzerschokolade 5, EKH Vienna, 2012.02.04

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SARI, relaxing

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Videocrank at WUK/Vienna

The videocrank (called 'videokurbel' here), a experimental art project i've written the software for last year, will perform at the 'Zukunft war jetzt' happening at WUK on 28 of january.

The software running it is written in haXe/flash although i do have a NME version but this one is more or less unusable cause of extraordinary memory consumption and/or slow response on changing the video framesets (how sad!).

Votes of a next generation intoxicate us, before we end up in the middle of a climate conference.
A generator helps to define our future, even while we try to crank the wheel of time.
They reflect and compare us with their performances and production conditions.
Explore the next generation is in itself future was now, the future is yesterday, the future will have been.